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Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow Candy & Pajama Day gone Bad

Recently when reading Little House on the Prairie to the kids, there was a section on the Ingalls' girls making snow candy. Nora immediately asked if we could try it, and Patrick was enthusiastic about it, so they did it! We googled the recipe on-line and it ended up being quite simple and yummy. Mixed together maple syrup and butter till it boiled for several minutes then poured it over a tray of snow. It immediately hardended into a delicious Toffee like candy.

Earlier this week, I was under the impression it was Pajama Day at Nora's school. In the news letter it said, "Pajama Day" Tuesday, but didn't give the date. So I figured it was this week. I sent Nora to school in Purple Flannel Polka dot pajamas. Patrick returned with a crying Nora about 15 minutes later. Evidently it was NEXT Tuesday.

Nora was quite distraught from the moment she got to school and looked around to see all the other kids in their uniforms. She was the only one in her pajamas. She was so embarrassed she wanted to exit the school through a side door to leave the building. Patrick took her home and got her changed into her uniform. Evidently 2 other kids in the school came in their pajamas that day, so that made Nora feel better.

Patrick made Nora feel better when he told her the story about how he went to school and forgot to put on his pants. He was wearing a really long shirt and somehow left the house without his pants on! That made her laugh lots.



jenny said...

Poor girl! That is one story she'll always remember :) We are also reading the Little House series right now and loving learning about all the fun, simple things they used to do. I am totally going to try making snow candy!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Snow candy is really VERY easy. Just boil up the butter and maple syrup to 'gelling' temperature and then pour it on snow. Everyone liked the candy.


Paige Jennifer said...

I love the visual of the handful of kids in jammies glancing at one another, realizing they were dressed for the wrong day, and also connecting the dots to conclude they all had parents who goofed.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

The really bad thing is that I was oblivious to everything and did not notice that all the other kids not in PJs. I only noticed something was wrong when Nora started crying and the teacher pointed it all out. Patrick