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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Convenient Skiing

Today Zoya came by work with takeout lunches from a local restaurant. We ate quick and then went for a quick cross country ski. We did not have a lot of time because she had a meeting scheduled with a doula client and I had to pick the kids up from school/daycare. So we went to a nearby lake, rather than a more exotic location.

Last night we got around 6 inches of dry, fluffy powder and it had covered all the trees and made their branches droop. No wind with the temperatures in the 20's, the occasional snow squall, and the sun peeking through the thunderheads - it all made for a glorious ski.

The ironic thing is that according to most 'skiiers' Kodiak is supposed to be a terrible place for cross country skiing. I hear it again and again - even from people who live on Kodiak. They ask me, 'where do you go skiing?' And yet I never seem to have a problem finding convenient snow. I'd say that what Zoya and I did today would beat anything you could find in Los Anchorage. And better yet we did not have to deal with crowds or single digit temperatures. My drive time today to get from I work to where we went skiing was around 7 minutes. That is very convenient.

It is true that Kodiak does not have a lot of groomed cross country skiing opportunities (but the USCG is grooming the golf course this year). And sometimes I think 'skiiers' equate groomed trails with places to go cross country skiing. I say it just is not so. Patrick

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Molly Odell said...

And all your skiing is free! I know there are a lot of free trails in Anchorage, but here you have to pay an arm and a leg to use groomed trails.