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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twin Ski

Today my sister, E., and I took our first cross country ski together this winter. We went on Lake Gertrude in Ft. Abercrombie. The evening light was gorgeous, there was a set track and we had the lake to ourselves.

Felt so good to ski in the company of my sister and enjoy the outdoors. E. and I haven't done any winter outdoor activities together since her return to Kodiak last year. Skiing with her brought me back to the time when we did the Tour of Anchorage ski race together in 2001. E. was living in Anchorage, me in Kodiak. She was a much better skiier than me, as she would go on the groomed ski trails after work. Bless her heart, she stuck with me for the majority of the race, although I'm sure she wanted to leave me in the dust.

Today it was fun to just ski for the heck of it- for some good exercise and enjoy the outdoors together.

Can you tell who's who in the picture?

(and Kodiak just broke its January Snowfall record!)


(and at her request, I have to call my sister E. She doesn't like her name on our blog....)

1 comment:

My Little Family: said...

you are on the left, E is on the right (you could use her "B" name as a decoy ;)