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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Blue

Kodiak continues to have GREAT snow and cross country skiing. Right now we have 28 inches on the ground at the airport, and it is supposed to snow again tonight. We are up to 85 inches of snow total for the season. That is a lot.

Snow on the ground makes Kodiak seem like a much brighter place. The snow reflects the light and even at night it seems lighter. Exercise helps the mood too - and when there is snow on the ground I get to ski. Some winters we have no snow and while usually warmer it is so much more depressing - grey brown and no light. YUCK! But not this year - this year we got it great. I feel like snow and cold and exercise is good for my mood - Patrick's mental medication. It must be said - I am in a very good mood this winter. Patrick

Photos: I took these photos today while on my daily afternoon ski. The bottom 2 were taken at the parking lot at the outlet to Buskin Lake. I did not need to go skiing to take those pictures. The top photo is of a great blue heron that I surprised on some open water on the creeks that feed into Buskin Lake.


jenny said...

Beautiful shots. We had a whole lot of snow, too... and now it's 45 and raining. I guess Eaglecrest is having a banner year though.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

I fear the rain. I think that if yesterday and today we had had rain instead of mostly snow Kodiak would be a disaster area. We'd need help for drowned roads etc. But we dodged a bullet and all is good. Patrick