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Monday, January 09, 2012

Almost Full

I took a bunch of photos of the moon last night as it was rising up out of the ocean. I don't think I quite captured the vivid yellow color. Next time I'll shorten the exposure time. The first picture comes the closest to capturing the true color, but at the time it seemed too dark. I'm also bummed that the moon seems slightly out of focus. After taking the photos the hardest part was deciding which photo I liked the best. I picked these three, but Zoya liked other ones.

Anyway, last night the moon was not quite full. Tonight's the night to celebrate the full moon. Hopefully, it will not be obscured by clouds and I can try and capture its picture again. Patrick

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Paige Jennifer said...

That second shot is just fantastic. My attempts to capture the moon always fail miserably.

Last night I was driving home from an evening with friends and the moon was hanging low in the sky, the color almost orange. Half aglow, it reminded me of an orange slice. When I got home, I lingered in my car to admire it a few more moments before ducking inside to go to bed.