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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visiting Friend From Australia

Last night we had dinner with a longtime friend, Mike L. He is here visiting from Australia. He and his wife Alisa lived here for many years before they bought a sailboat, had a son and sailed to Australia from Kodiak. They left in 2007 and since then, Mike published a book, they have another son and a different sailboat. And they sailed there to Australia once again this year from California on their new boat.

Alisa is with the boys in Florida and Mike was here presenting a research paper.
I really missed seeing Alisa. Here in Kodiak, she and I would go blueberry picking in the fall, enjoy tea and walks together and enjoyed sharing in the experience of having little ones together when Stuey and Elias were both small. They took their dream of sailing to Australia and have made it a reality not only once, but twice. Admittedly, I have moments where things are hard with the kids and I have thought about Alisa and Mike and thought, "well, at least I"m not on a sailboat. At least I can escape for a few minutes."

After talking with Mike last night, I realized that he thinks, "At least we're not stuck in a house in America." We got some good laughs out of that. As dinner was served, I joked with Mike that we were going to do "American Plug in Parenting" and have our kids watch a video on our bed so we could enjoy dinner without the kids. Mike took a picture and he is going to put it on his blog. He has kept a blog since the start of their sailing adventure, so it has been easy to keep up with their happenings in Australia.

Makes me realize how the same water doesn't float every boat; Patrick and I are thrilled with being in a house in one spot, raising kids. And they are happy sailing the world and living in the smaller confines with their boys.

Last night I was thrilled to receive a copy of the book Mike recently had published on his first crossing to Australia. I've started reading it and am hooked. (And I'm in the first chapter! So fun to see my name in print!!) Its a fun read because I remember the teas Alisa and I would have as they were preparing to leave...her talking about repairs and sewing sails, seat covers, etc. It helps fill in the gaps of my questions about their experience to read about the details.

This spring I plan on going to Australia to visit them in Hobart. I've been looking forward to it for years and the time is right this April. Can't wait to see their boat, meet their youngest son and see Australia. And to see my friend Alisa once again!!!


-Toasting with G&T's made by Mike. It was at Mike and Alisas house that I was first introduced to this drink. And he seems to have the perfect recipe for them!
-Friends over last night for a meal of deer roast, Mashed potatoes, Fresh Shrimp from the Gulf of Alaska (brought by Dan U) and roasted broccoli.
-Mike and I with his recently published book.

-Archived Photos:
-Mike, Alisa and Elias before they left.
-A going away dinner when Mike and Alisa and Elias left for Australia.

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