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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buskin Ski Video

Just a quick 50 second video that shows what the skate skiing was like last weekend up above Buskin Lake. Since then it has snowed a foot of dry powder. Now the skate skiing is terrible but the classic skiing is GREAT. Through today Kodiak has received almost 80 inches total of snow this winter and at the airport there is 21 inches of snow on the ground. Anchorage is setting all sorts of snow records and they 'only' have 25 inches on the ground and have received 89 inches total thus far. I was shocked to discover how close Kodiak is to Anchorage in snow total, and in the next few days we might even pass them! We are supposed to get more snow while they are in the midst of a cold, dry deep freeze. Patrick

Here is the website where I get my snow totals from:

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