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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pushin' the Furniture Aside

Last night was a fun impromptu dance party with girlfriends. Patrick and I had a few friends over for dinner and around 9 the kids all went to bed. Marie talked about wanting to dance, so I turned the music up in the living room, we pushed the furniture aside and had a blast dancing for more than 2 hours. It was just Marie, Dawn and myself and we had fun teaching each other new dance moves~so good for the soul! I've got to do that more often.

Patrick, Aaron and Hannah stayed in the kitchen and watched hunting and family videos. They were quite content to not have to dance! But they could hear the howls of fun coming from the living room! And the kids didn't wake up once to the music-yeah!


Dawn and I dancing
Marie, Dawn and myself

Group picture:
From Left, Aaron, Dawn, Tchabo, Hannah, Marie

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MikeAlisaEliasEric said...

Damn, how come we didn't do that when I visited?