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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Gals Ski! (plus two trailblazer guys)

Today Lisa H., Adelia M. and myself enjoyed a ski in the upper buskin...(and joining us was 2 male trailblazers by the name of Patrick and Philip). Our group had fun trekking along and Lisa's little puppy, Lily, joined us.

I fell a lot in the snow today...partially because I was using skinny racing skis. Everyone else had much fatter skis. So I had to ski fast to warm back up!

The large amount of snow this year is unusual...and we are fully taking advantage of the chance to go on longer ski trips into the woods and up frozen rivers.


Thanks to awesome trailblazer Philip T for sharing his photos!
The two group pictures are at the VERY END of the buskin river at a waterfall. Can't go up the river any farther than that!!

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