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Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Anchorage Ski Race Weekend

This weekend Patrick and I went to Anchorage for a ski race and to visit friends and family. We skiied in the Pias Classic Cross Country Ski race. I did the 5K and Patrick did the 30K. Our friend Julie did the 15K. The race was today-weather was a balmy -3 degrees...brrr. We all survived the cold and had fun racing. Patrick and Julie were much more serious about their races, than I was. My mom came and met us at the finish, which was fun as well! Its always fun to have someone cheering when you cross the finish line. She and I cheered Patrick on as he crossed the finish line.

Patrick did the 30K in 1:54 (he achieved his goal of doing it under 2 hours!). I did the 5K in 26 minutes and placed 29th out of 47 racers.

The night before the race we went out to dinner with Ray and Julie. We ended up being at the restaurant for 3 hours as we ate, talked and laughed. Today after the race we went to their house and took a hot tub outside, which felt SO good after being in the cold. Muscles needed it!

While we have said less-than-nice things about Anchorage in the past, it must be said there are lots of good things about Anchorage. Good friends, family, restaurants, ski races...and hot tubs after races!! What a fun weekend it was.


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