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Monday, January 16, 2012

Little House Time

Recently I started reading the Little House on the Prairie Books to Nora. What a difference it has made in her behavior-we needed more time together and now we have it. Whenever we have at least 20 minutes or 1/2 hour, we sit down and I read chapters to her. It mellows Nora out and I love it. The stories are interesting and the writing is so descriptive. Its like traveling to another time period for a few minutes.

Stuey has had some funny quotes lately...I've been jotting them down on the calender as he says them.

-Tonight Stuey put his headphones on to listen to music to go to sleep. The music blared through them. He said, "That was really loud. It burned my face off."

-The other day Stuey requested, "I need a drink of water-inside of me is crusted."


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Jowers Inc. said...

Loving the quotes. We love the little house series. Kaighty is reading it on her own now, but still loves to listen when I read aloud to Avery. It is so important to find time to sit with your kids, it is hard, but it does help immensely with behavior and attitude. When my girls were really little I would read my novels out loud while they played. It gave me time to myself with my book and the girls got exposed to new words, and learned to play and listen, therefore absorbing information while keeping there hands busy. Can't wait to do that again with #3.