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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The (sometimes) reality of skiing with kids

The light was so good the other evening when we went skiing on Potter's Marsh that I just had to add a few more photos from that trip. We did go again today but the light was not so good.

It is HARD to take the kids cross country skiing. They fall down all the time and need to be picked up and their hands get cold (esp on days like today when it is 5 degrees out). Gear on, gear off - It seems to takes FOREVER for just a few moments actually skiing. But hey, they WANT to go skiing. So it is all worth it. I will put up with whining and cold hands and a sore back from picking them up as long as they want to go skiing. I desperately want my kids to enjoy skiing. And right now they do seem to enjoy skiing. Whoo Hoooo.

Our Anchorage experience has been lots of skiing, IHOP breakfasts and good meals at our cousin's Will and Beth's house (where we have been staying). Everyday, Zoya and I plan out our workouts so that one takes care of kiddos while the other goes skiing or does Powerflex weight training. I have been skiing mostly classic style and doing the Spencer loop as often as I can. This is the part of the Tour of Anchorage race course that always beats me up badly - so I have been trying to learn the loop as well as I can. Yesterday I did it twice!

Patrick and Zoya

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