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Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Annual Tradition~Grinding the Meats

Burger Grinding-in Moments

The meat starts off slightly frozen and is cubed up for processing. Some batches have store bought fat added to them, some don't. Mike measured out spices in large quantities to add to the sausage; coriander, fennel, caraway seeds, hot pepper flakes, pepper, salt, sugar and water....The spice coffee grinder was put to good use. The same tried and true recipe is used annually for the proportions.

The meat is pushed through the industrial grinder into large bins. All types of meat are ground; elk, deer, sheep. Scoops of meat are put on saran wrap, then paper wrapped.

For the first time this year, Nora and Stuey helped write the packages. In years past, Lisa McCormick does exotic animal pictures and this year the kids did their renditions of animals. Nora wrote out the words "elk burger". We all really enjoyed having the kids finally being able to help. Gregg always brings fresh home made bread for us to enjoy and Lisa brings a killer dish of halibut enchiladas. Burger grinding is a wonderful annual winter tradition in our family.



Barbara said...

Will you help me, please, get in contact with the guy who writes Kodiak Konfidential?? Barbara Thank you very much!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Try him at his new blog - it is listed on our sidebar under 'drunk whisperers' -
Good luck!