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Friday, December 16, 2011

Saint Mary's Winter Production

Last night was Nora's first St. Mary's Christmas Production. I was looking forward to it; to sitting in the gym with other parents, to seeing Nora sing with her friends. It was tough to fully appreciate the show, as I had to help rein Stuey in from a very tired evening.

The play ran around 45 minutes and by the end, Stuey and I stood up on the side with the other parents who had misbehaving kids. I did something I never do-gave him my iphone to play the 1 game I have on it. I just didn't want to have to walk out with Stuey.

I was impressed by how the kindergarteners stood for 45 minutes in one spot with minimal fidgeting and no misbehaving-I think weekly catholic church mass has them well trained. We're really liking having Nora at St. Mary's. (And it will be good for Stuey to be there next year to learn the art of standing patiently for 45 minutes as well!!)


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