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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jesus's Birthday Party

Yesterday our family had two end of school Christmas parties to attend at the same time. So Zoya went to Nora's party at Saint Mary's while I attended Stuey's party at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. When I arrived from work Santa Claus was there and he gave each child a present (second and bottom photos). All the parents arrived and watched as the children lit Jesus's Birthday cake and sang the Happy Birthday song to Jesus (listen and watch on linked video bottom). The children joined their parents to eat the cake and various other foods like jello, fruit and cupcakes (this is Stuey's kind of food). Then came my favorite part - all the parents remained seated while the children cleaned up. We need to get this lesson transferred to the home front!

Once the tables were cleared the parents all sat and stood in a semi circle at the back while the kids put on their Christmas show - amazingly well choreographed Christmas Carols (see video linked below). The kids all seemed quite excited to perform, and it made my day. I returned to work full of Christmas spirit. Patrick

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