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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trip to The Mainland

Yesterday we left on the M/V Tustemena for Homer. The trip was overall smooth; Nora didn't get seasick, which she normally does even with dramamine. Stuey reacted quite sensitively to the dramamine- he was sleeping sitting up during dinner. Fortunately he was able to stay awake enough to chow down a grilled cheese and fries!

Evidently the seas were quite large, as the ferry took an alternate route along Shelikof Strait, as opposed to going towards Homer exposed to the gulf of alaska. This took about 2 hours longer, but the kids slept until arrival!

Here in Homer Nora and Stuey had a blast playing with all of their cousins. Ages range from 5-21! Quite the mix of fun silly energy. Patrick, Mike, Bern, Todd and myself all went skiing in the thick snow.

Patrick and myself after skiing.
Todd and Mike on the trail skiing today.
My nephew Kellen with the quilt I made him for his first year at college.
Bonnie graciously and patiently cut Stuey's hair. He was WAY overdue for a haircut! Stuey liked all the paparazzi attention that was involved...
Dining room shot on the ferry.

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Catherine West said...

Zoya - I know this is a weird thing to post here, but have you ever tried giving your kids Bonine instead of Dramamine? I used to feel HORRIBLE when I took Dramamine as a kid, and my Mom tried Bonine, which seems to be a bit gentler...just FYI!