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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Power Outage Walkabout

Today the power went out while I was at work. Marnie and I were identifying various wood artifacts from the Karluk One collection when all of a sudden it went dark. Marnie said an expletive and mourned the loss of all the work we had already completed. She had not saved the updated excel file. Oh well.

With the power out it was dark in the museum but outside it was a spectacular day. Marnie and I decided to go for a walk to the harbor with our cameras while we waited for the power to come back on. It felt like one of those photo classes where everyone is trying to take photos of the same things. Marnie and I would both focus in on the same images. We both thought the 'photography class' analogy was pretty funny. At one point we both beelined onto some buoys on the back of a fishing boat. I opted for the reflection photo (fourth photo down) while I do believe Marnie went for the ultra-color-full above water close up.

Anyway, these are the photos I came up with. Top three are of boats in the harbor. One is a close up panoramic while the other is a far away pan. In the top photo I tried to make Barometer Mountain loom over the fishing boats by using max zoom. Then there is the reflection of the buoys photo. And finally, the bottom photo is of a seagull that I took with my camera on 'speed' priority with the 'paparazzi' click, click, click feature on my camera.


1 comment:

Molly Odell said...

Beautiful pictures! Can't beat Kodiak on a day like that!