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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dinner with friends and our wedding officiant

Last week we were lucky to enjoy a meal with Matt J.~the man who married Patrick and I 8 years ago here in Kodiak.
He also married my dad and step mom in the 80's as well as our local friends Matt and Katie. Matt J. and his wife, Chris, moved to Seattle about 2 years ago from Kodiak, so we see him less frequently now. It is always good to see him, as he is always full of good spirit and cooks incredible food as well.

Matt J. prepared a phenomenal meal of seafood risotto complete with shrimp and scallops for the group. The best part was he had the kids help! He had them pluck the stems from mushrooms and other such tasks.

The kids played for 3+ hours with little screaming, which was fun.


Photos courteousy of Matt S.J.


Anonymous said...

I have a question for Patrick. Unrelated to this post, although your meal sounds wonderful. Patrick, what if any of your hunting meat and bones goes to your dogs raw? I have done a great deal of research and found only about 15% of people think raw venison is OK and even good for your dogs. We received a buck leg last night and I spent about an hour cutting it up. The meat that is overly exposed to the ice turns tan and has a bit of a crust on it, so I cut this off and set it all aside in the scraps pile. Them it occurred it to me that I could freeze this and feed my dog a hand full of raw venison every day. I also ended up with 3 large bones and know how good real animal bones (not cooked or chicken) can be for growing puppies, so I set those in the freezer as well. As an avid hunter with dogs, what is your opinion on feeding raw scraps and bones to dogs (descendants of wolves who eat a 100% raw diet)? Thanks for your time.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

All the bones we bring back from the field goes to the dogs! Our fenced in yard looks like a dragon's lair, but it is surprising how little is left of all the bones by spring. And the vet tells us that our dogs teeth are great - I think it is all the bone chewing. They even break up the bones and get the marrow from inside.

Also, when we butcher the deer we have 3 categories of meat scrap - total junk (blood shot, fat and nasty stuff that I throw over our cliff for the eagles and ravens), dog food (this is the iffy scraps - oxidized meat, maybe smelly etc), and then there is the good stuff that we turn into burger. In the old days before we had the 'dog food' category some of the 'dog food' grade meat would inevitiably end up in the burger and would taint it all. And I don't feel bad about being extra selective because I freeze and feed the raw meat to the dogs later. We get better burger and the dogs get yummy raw meat.

Finally, as regards the bones - I also know people who boil them down and make stock with them. They can deer meat and use the stock for juice. I've thought about doing this, but the dogs love the bones so much that never have gotten around to it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Patrick. I was hoping you would say just that! Harley is about to be very happy. I am also glad to hear that some of the meat does change and become oxidized. I was a bit worried. The insides are always dark red, but you never know. I have yet to come across any that had a smell other than raw muscle. Your Deer Ceviche looks amazing. I'll have to try that with some of our backstrap!