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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas Tree & Stuey-Photo-Hog

Several days ago we put up our Christmas tree. Patrick cut one off the cliff on ocean side of house. The kids did most of putting on the ornaments. Stuey has developed this horrible habit of being a photo hog...He plants himself in every photo and gets angry if he isn't front and center. It has made picture taking less fun lately. There ends up being several photos where his face is pink with frusturation and he is pushing Nora aside. We remind ourselves that this "photo Hog" stage shall pass.

With the Christmast ornaments, my favorites always to put on are the ones I made in the first few years Patrick and I were together. For 3 or 4 years in the beginning of our relationship, I went to the painting ceramic shop and would make 1 ornament for the tree which would have wording on it of things that occured during that year in our life. In the photo I'm holding up one that says,
2003 Don Mark Ayakulik (Don Clark and Mark Rusk and Ayakulik Archaeology Trip)
Welcome Roxy (we got Roxy Dog as a puppy that year)
Wedding August 30th Z & P

Sometime after our wedding (or maybe after kids) I discontinued making the ornaments...primarily because I knew that we would have years and years of ornaments for the kids on the tree. It will be fun to someday explain the ceramic ones to the kids when they are old enough to have interest in them.


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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the ornament being a record keeper. Never thought of that one. Were making a batch of salt dough ones ( this weekend, maybe I'll have the girls write something special from 2011 on their own ornaments.