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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day before Christmas

This morning we awoke to cold temps in the 20s. Perfect weather for skiing and a bit of sledding. After a little last minute "santa" shopping, Patrick and I drove to Lake Genevieve, near coast guard housing. In the car, I contemplated not going (suddenly felt cold) and said, "Its so cold out. I could just take a nap in the car and you go skiing." In no time flat, Patrick had me persuaded to go out for a quick ski. The conditions were better than I imagined they would be. A minimal amount of snow stuck on the ice.

As we skiied along the snow covered ice, Patrick showed me the worn path under old snow where possibly a family of otters was walking along the ice. It looked like something had been drug on it. Thats the part of skiing with Patrick that I appreciate here-noticing these nuances in nature. It was lovely to have the quiet of the lake to ourselves. A few white rabbits scampered along the side of the lake as well.

Over the years, I have learned to enjoy the "unperfect" ski conditions. As my balance has improved on skis I"m less frusturated by windblown ice areas which we must navigate across to get to the snow. Its the challenge of the snow conditions which makes it that much more rewarding. When we nagivate our way up and down ungroomed hills or have to remove our skis several times to get on trails, it makes the flat-aways that much more rewarding. If I go with notions or expectations of what the experience will be like, then there is room for opposed to working with whatever conditions are presented to us and enjoying the time together.


Our neighbor, Matt, pushing the kids down the mini sled hill in our yard.
Skiing on Lake Genevieve. Mt. Barometer in background.

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