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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

1st Cesarean Recovery Class

Tonight I hosted the first Cesarean Recovery class through A Balanced Approach. 6 moms were in attendance, all of whom had undergone a cesarean birth in the past year. I decided to start offering this class when I heard story after story of women who were at a loss on how to help their scar from surgery heal, how to help get their abdominals back into shape, etc. Also, I believe it is important to get women together who had been through a similar birth experience and let them converse with one another-to reflect and process.

I work a lot with women 1:1 after cesarean birth in physical therapy and through doula work. This was the first time of doing health outreach for post-partum cesarean care in a group setting. Going into tonight's session, I hoped that I had enough information for an 1.5 hour class. This ended up not being a problem. There was lots of great questions and I was able to look at almost everyone's scars to see how well they were moving/healing. After surgery, women are often afraid to touch their scar at all, which can impact how well it heals. Scar work can help promote nerve growth, capillary growth and keep it from getting painful or adhered with time.

There was lots of camaraderie and laughter amongst the ladies, which was an important part. It is important for them to hear each others stories, to learn and listen. At the end, everyone gave feedback that the evening of information was helpful and I should do it again on a more regular basis. After seeing the positive feedback, I think I will start hosting it every 2 or 3 months. My passion is womens health, and its great to see a need in the community and help fill it.

For "payment" for the class tonight, I asked the participants to bring a donation for the Womens Resource Crisis Center, so this week I"ll bring the basket of clothes, money and diapers to the center. Looking forward to making that holiday donation to a very important local center.


Class tonight. The class was held at the finished "satellite" studio of A Balanced Approach (refurbished garage). Where the wall and window are used to be a garage door....
Leona painted the tree last weekend...loving the energy the mural brings to the space.

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Mary said...

How awesome! This is such a needed class. I so wish this was around after my c-sections. Great work, Zoya!