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Friday, December 02, 2011

Getaway to Mainland

This weekend Patrick and I head over to Anchorage/Girdwood for a weekend getaway. Last spring we left for Anchorage one night sans kiddos and decided then to do it more often. Now our kids are old enough to leave without much emotional hardship. Our friend and mommy helper, Leona, is here from Fairbanks to be with the kids. She also painted a mural of a tree in the birth class space next door (picture to come next week.)
She is quite the artist and I've always appreciated the art projects she engages the kids in.

Nora and Stuey are quite excited for a Leona weekend! And we're excited for cross country skiing in Kincaid Park and downhill skiing in Girdwood. We'll have lots of ski tubes...bringing all of our skis from home so we'll be heavy with carry on luggage.


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