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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Zipline Times

"Welcome! You're all here for the sky dive tour, correct?" our guide, Justin said as we pulled out of the parking lot onto a main road. Our group chuckled, as  we were really  off to a 4 hour zip-line tour.  Justin's humor got  the desired effect-to humor and relax us before we put our lives in their hands as we would fly through the air trusting our lines on carabiners and cable systems.  

 We walked a short distance down a trail into a jungle and started the day on a shorter, smaller course. 

Alex, the guide, gave us instructions on how to mount the line, ride safely and  how to dismount on the opposite platform with the assist of the other guide. 

Then it was go time. 

Stuey jumped up to be the first rider of the day and wasn't scared at all. It was a proud mommy moment for me. The other adults in the group looked over and said, "wow, hes so brave". I was happy for Stuey for his enthusiasm and glad that I didn't go first!

The afternoon was speckled with fun and humor from the guides and other folks on the tour. They called the helmets "Brain buckets" and said they were so the guides could find us if/when we landed on the ground. We all nervously chuckled at the partial truth to their jokes!

 One of our guides, Alex, has led groups for 2 years and her experience really showed. The muscle memory of checking and double checking all the connections was in her hands with every movement. The guides would instinctively double and triple check harnesses and for this I was thankful. There is absolutely no room for error and everything felt amazingly safe. 

(Nonetheless, my heart still jumped up into my throat every time Nora and Stuey stepped off the platform, into mid air. A mom with an 18 and 22 year old sons on the course that day said the same thing happened to her when her sons stepped off the platform. This was re-assuring to hear, that I wasn't just a "nervous Nellie" mom)


Stuey in sand castle heaven. 

Dinner on the porch of our house. 

Morning sun time!

Justin saying "Just to let you folks know, if I have to do First Aid, I go straight to mouth to mouth"  Laughs!

Family photo!

Nora flying through the jungle.

Watching other zipliners come onto the landing area. 

The final ziplines where we achieved speeds of 40 miles an hour!

Fabulous scenics along the way.

I think this suspension bridge got my heart beating faster than the zipline!

"Whee!!" Nora was great about letting out squeals of delight!

Getting ready to take off!

Stuey in zipline heaven. 


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