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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Porch by 'Baby Beach'

One evening we looked down at the 'baby beach' and discovered a wedding in progress!

My favorite spot on this Hawaiian vacation has the been the porch of our rented house.  Incredible view out over the ocean and there is the constant roar of the surf for a soundtrack.

The porch is covered so it does not get too hot in the sun and it stays dry during the sudden downpours.  If I feel a need for heat - I go to the 'baby' beach.  If I feel a need to cool off - I go snorkeling, or hang on the deck.  The porch is a GREAT place to eat dinner and hang out with the family.

 All the ingredients for a great vacation are on or around the porch.  All the little side trips were just good gravy for an immensely satisfying and rejuvenating family vacation.


Polly and John admiring the sunset and the moment. 

Everyone 'capturing' the sunset - the new norm for the digital age.

Scenic underwater shot from Polly's camera

While my camera my have lost its underwater capabilities my sister Polly's camera did not.  I went for a snorkel with her and John on the reef in front of the rental and she captured the requisite underwater turtle shot.

The turtle and I

We were a little worried about this restaurant and almost left before getting served.   Lucky we didn't - the Hawaiian Poki and Fish tacos were the best of the trip.

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