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Friday, January 10, 2014

Underwater Issues

Despite my love of snow and cold places I have always loved to snorkel in warm water.  And for this trip to Hawaii, more than anything else, I was looking forward to the snorkeling.  In the old days affordable under water cameras did not exist, and I could not wait to test out my underwater camera.  It would be my first time snorkeling with a camera.

Here at Kauai the snorkeling has not disappointed.  We have a reef right in front of the house, the water is clear, and there are all sorts of colorful fish out there.  I've seen turtles, barracudas and even a gigantic and scary eel poking out of some rocks on the bottom.  My favorite spot to snorkel is out at the edge of the reef where there is a cliff down into the deep water.  This is where all the big fish like to hang out.

Unfortunately my underwater camera only lasted one trip.  It still works only the lens is fogged.  I got photos from the first trip, but no turtles, barracudas, eels or any of the things I found on subsequent trips.  Still, I did get some photos and now I can just enjoy the snorkeling without the worries of capturing it with my camera.  Patrick

1 comment:

My Little Family: said...

sometimes I am happy, too, when I don't have a camera and can just enjoy!

love Kauai - Jerry & I were married there. enjoy your vacation.