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Friday, January 24, 2014

Stuey's Camera

Stuey taking some final pictures with his camera on the way to the airport - after these pictures he left the camera in the rental car
When we left Hawaii Stuey left his camera in the rental car.  This made him very sad.  The worst part was that he lost his pictures of the beautiful sunset.  Zoya has called the rental car company - so perhaps all is not lost and we may well see the little blue Panasonic water proof camera yet again.

But it's not all bad.  He has been borrowing my camera for our 'photo safaris' into Abercrombie, and it takes panoramics and stitches them together in what stuey calls, 'the computer in the camera'.  The old Panasonic did not do this.  Stuey really, really wants my camera for his birthday, and it is not such a crazy idea.  Afterall, I did fog my camera up diving too deep underwater in Hawaii, and any camera that Stuey does get has to be water and shock proof.  So we will see.


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