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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Down Time

This week in Hawaii has been so good the soul.

We've found a rhythm to the day where we wake up, eat breafast on the deck- I help Nora with homework. 

Then at 8:30 or 9:00 we go down to the cove and the kids play in the water for a little over an hour. Noon hour is lunch time out of the sun or outing somewhere. 

The hours before dinner are back by the beach as the sun prepares to set. Patrick's family rotates nights for cooking dinner. On several occasions, Patrick's family has granted Patrick and I a chance to go to dinner alone without kids which has been fun. The kids get a chance to hang out with family without Patrick and I there and Patrick and I get a few minutes to enjoy a Hawaiian grown-up meal. 

This trip has been even better for my soul  than I could've imagined. The down time, and ability to "do nothing" has been fabulous. Sometimes vacations can be filled with too much of having to be somewhere, doing something and this vacation hasn't felt that way. We love our front deck and can spend countless hours reading, writing. 

Nora chillin' in the evening sun in the hammock. 

Sunrise on the point. 

Ahhh....zen moments!

Cove fun.

Stuey on helicopter Tour with his grandfather and Aunt Polly an Uncle John

Nora vs. the wave

Nora and Stuey with Granny Coco

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