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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finding True North with Troop #118

Today  Brownie Troop #118 found their 'True North' (as well as their magnetic norths!). The girls gazed at  the compasses which they held with their winter-gloved hands. Patrick guided the troop and  taught the group about true north, magnetic north and how to read maps on Near Island.

The Brownies pulled out their compasses and oriented their  maps correctly to learn where THEY were on the map.  The marked trail, road and topo lines were all clues. Today was the first  day working with the group on  trail navigation. (Thank you to Philip Tscherisch with Island Trails Network on obtaining the maps for us!)

We hiked on Near Island, starting at the Rotary Park trail, going out to the South End point on Near Island and then back to Rotary Park. The weather was a balmy low 40's and the sun was out-so lovely!

At the half way point we stopped for hot cocoa and some sitting time. During the course of the 2 mile walk, the girls were troopers-they jumped and ran along and caught with their friends. The group was very curious about where they were on the maps and we checked in with them several times along the way to have them guess our location so they could see if they were accurate. 

There were lots of parents along for the afternoon as well and it was fun for us to catch up! Grown up fun time hiking in the sun. 

(I"m not one to normally be boastful about my husband, but once every 10 years I think I'm allowed.
 I was so proud and thrilled to have Patrick along today as a Brownie Dad. He is so energetic about helping and teaching the girls. We came upon several people along the trail today, and he would tell the strangers so proudly, "this is a girl scout Brownie Troop, and I'm a brownie troop dad."All of us adults learned so much about compasses, trails, etc as well. Having him alongside me has made being a Brownie Troop leader that much more fun! Thank you to my rock-star Brownie-dad husband!)

Fellow Brownie leaders, Alexis and Kathy,  at the hike rest stop

Patrick teaching the girls about maps. 

Trekking along with maps in hand. 

fabulous evening light for the hike

along the beach

up to the point on near island

through the forest

snack time soon!
hot cocoa

enjoying time with friends

walking home

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