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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Waimea Canyon


Things are on the mend with Patricks legs. Today is the first day in weeks and weeks where I can honestly say that his legs look better...AND he is more comfortable. I am so relieved and thinking we won't have to worry about seeing the dermatologist or doctor for now.

Two days of snorkeling and swimming has really helped Patrick's leg rashes and I'm so glad to see him on the mend.

This morning right after sunrise, Nora and Stuey were so excited to get into the ocean right away. We rented little boogie boards from a surf store which the kids have enjoyed floating on.

This morning the tide was coming in which meant that the very small waves were a little bigger and exciting for the kids. They were squealing with delight and Patrick was out with them helping them manever their boards. All of a sudden Stuey started crying and said he didn't want to get off the board. He said something scared him-he felt like a fish bit him.

Tears were streaming down his face as he walked out of the water onto the beach. Nora came out as well, shivering with blood coming down her leg from a small cut on coral. It was a sad way to end the morning of swimming.

snorkeling in the cove. as Stuey says, "There are 'thousands' of fishes!

body boarding!

A few hours later we headed out for a drive to Waimea canyon, which is like the grand canyon of Kauai. The ride up to the canyon was an hour on twisty-curvy roads and Nora was slumped in the back seat, clutching her stuffed Buffalo (Brownie) the entire way. She was terribly carsick. I would look back at her and her eyes would be half closed, as she just tried to not feel sick.

On the way up to the canyon we stopped at a little shrimp hut and smoothie hut. The kids got the worlds largest shaved ices and I got shrimp tacos. I'm reminded how these experiences of ice cream cones, shaved ices, etc are classic family vacation experiences for kids. Soul food for the little ones. It is so fun to experience these little moments with them.

Waimea canyon-Nora loves her xtra tuffs even in Hawaii!

Family photo at the canyon

canyon scenic
the drink spot

the worlds largest shave ice!

I am so rejuvenated already. I've been doing lots of thinking about the past two months, how sick I was with a cold and how I"ll work to prevent that from happening again this next year. My new years resolution is to do less and say No more often. As my friend reminded me, saying "No" to others or commitments is saying "YES" to me. A very good way of putting it!

The Sangria options from dinner last night. Fabulous!

The deck~my favorite part of vacation. Listening to the waves, relaxing and watching the kids on the lawn. 


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Jessy said...

Looks amazing and very inviting on this rainy Alaska day!