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Friday, January 17, 2014

Hawaii Panoramics

My first task after getting back from a trip is stitching all the panoramics I took together in photoshop. After a long archaeological survey through scenic country this can be a LOT of pan stitching.  It's a pain to do, but I find if I don't do it right away that they never get done.

The good part is that I get to relive the trip and find out what panoramics 'worked' and which did not.  I am always surprised by a few images I did not expect to work out, and there are also always few that don't work out as expected.  On this trip I had high hopes for a few of the sunrise and sunset pictures but the sea ended up warped in them. 

The unexpectedly good pan is the one of the porch.  I created it from five vertically oriented pictures.  I wish I had done the same for a view of 'baby beach'.  All of my beach pans had problems created a nicely curved beach, and I think the fix would have been more pictures breaking up the curve so to speak.  This technique also worked for the top picture of Waimea Canyon.  Patrick

Favorite spot on vacation - the porch

Waimea Canyon - deep canyon for such a small island

Catamaran scene and the Na Pali Coast

Another favorite spot - baby beach

Rainbow over baby beach

Sponge Bob Square Pants!

2 Stueys at Baby beach

Wedding on the beach just after sunset

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Molly Odell said...

Good idea to get the kids little wet suits! Poor kids from Alaska - so white! I get sun burnt every time I go snorkeling or boogie boarding on vacation. I think I finally need to invest in a good rash-guard long-sleeve shirt.