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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


We arrived to Hawaii last night and are waking up with the warm breeze, ocean waves lapping on the shore and morning doves outside. Best soul food ever!

Patrick has been struggling with an allergic reaction in his legs which has been persisting since his goat hunting injury. He has had awful itching, pain and raised red welts. He went to the doctor last week and has been trying all sorts of various creams and pills to help reduce the pain, with little help.

Fortunately benadryl and zyrtec are helping reduce the intensity of the flare up but we're still not sure what caused the initial reaction.

I'm just so glad he survived the trip without too much flare up and he is here with us. I"m thinking a visit to a dermatologist is in order in the next day or two. Or just some swimming in the ocean and some sunshine could hopefully clear things up.

Open-aired Maui airport

warm breeze…heaven

Early morning swim time

Grandpa George and Stuey

Before leaving Kodiak, I was extremely tired and sick with an 8 week cold...just run down. I"m really feeling on the mend now and a winter getaway was definitely a good idea.


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