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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time to get into rafting

Putting in at Sargent creek

Here on Kodiak it has been raining a lot lately.  And the bad part is that it has been so warm that even the tops of the mountains have been getting rain and not snow.  Right now it is 42 degrees here on Kodiak - At Waimea in Hawaii it is meant to get down to 48 degrees tonight.  There's still snow for skiing up above 1200 feet but it is pretty skimpy.  It's been a struggle to stay motivated and ski on a daily basis.

So today I tried something new.  I went river kayaking with Brent, Jeremy and Mike.  We made good use of all that melting snow.  We ran two creeks - we first did Sargent Creek and then did Virginia Creek out near White Sands beach.  Tomorrow I think I'll go again!


Update:  Just now when I checked the temperature in Waimea, Hawaii (on the island of Kauai near where we stayed) it was 41 degrees - that is colder than it is here on Kodiak right at this moment where it is 43 degrees!  Right now there is a HUGE dip in the jetstream that is pushing cold air from Siberia down to Hawaii, and then the air is coming all warmed up back up to Alaska (and then it pushes down the 'polar vortex' towards the lower 48 where they are expecting a serious cold snap).  WEIRD.

I had some seriously bad deep fat fried, batter dipped shrimp in Waimea.

The top section at Sargent Creek

The first drop on Virginia Creek

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