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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Desperation Snow

Checking the news this morning it is all about the forecasted cold snap descending on the Lower 48.  There is a reason it is expected to get so cold in the eastern half of the United States.  It is because there is a serious jet of warm air coming from Hawaii up into Alaska.  It is literally pushing cold air from the North Pole down into the Midwest.  For the Lower 48 they are saying that it might bring the coldest air seen in decades.  The flip side is that Alaska is seeing an epic warm snap.

As I write this it is blowing 40 and pouring outside.  Mill Bay is a maelstrom of white and grey.  We are going to Hawaii on Monday, and looking at the satellite image for the North Pacific (click here) you can see that the same storm stretches from Hawaii to Alaska.  It's literally pouring rain from Hawaii to Alaska!

Funnily enough this sort of makes me happy.  Usually when I leave home during the winter Kodiak experiences a cold snap with lots of snow. This time it looks like I'll be leaving behind warm temperatures and rain, and I will not be missing out on much.

Still it has not been all bad this winter for skiing here on Kodiak.  On New Year's day the sun came out and we all went for a ski at the golf course.  The temperatures were in the low 40s and the snow was actually a bit soft in places.

The photos make it look like it was epically bad snow conditions.  Conditions that I have been accused of calling 'good for your technique'.  But you will note that everyone has smiles on their faces.  We had fun!  Zoya got to use the new skis I gave for Christmas, and the kids got to work on their 'technique'.


Now that's epically bad snow conditions!

Zoya's Christmas Skis

Satellite image showing the size of the storm

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