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Monday, January 13, 2014

Catamaran Trip

The day started with Stuey exclaiming "This is like fireworks!" and ended with Nora saying, "That was the worst day of my life". Two very different experiences of a daytime catamaran adventure.

The Northern Star is a catamaran tour boat which takes eager tourists like ourselves out to the reaches of Kauai shoreline-most of which is only accessible by boat. Many of the cliffs we ventured by have been seen in scenes of famous movies including Jurassic Park.

The day was moderately windy which provided for some rough, "fun" boating...but not for Nora. She was very insistent about going on the trip, even though she knew she would get seasick. She took dramamine which helped make her woozy and not care as much, but she was still quite queasy. Fortunately she never had to "speak to the seals", so to speak (my dad used that as code language for barfing over the edge).

The trip yesterday made my soft spot for catamaran rides even softer. Sitting on the trampolines in the warm air while the boat glides over the water feeds my soul. It was fun to share the experience with Stuey yesterday, as that was his first catamaran trip. He smiled so big as the boat hit waves as well as watching the large numbers of dolphins and whales.

The cliffs and scenics on the far shore of Kauai were so spectacular....hard to describe in words. The coast is so rugged and jagged that no roads go there. No wonder it is perfect for filming movies such as Jurrassic park!


Stuey took this picture of porpoises with his little point and shoot

Another picture by Stuey of a cave along the Na Pali coast

The beginning of the trip. 

Nora slept most of the trip curled up in the fetal position. 

The spectacular Kauai coast-line. 

The Scene on the Northern Star. 

Wildlife of the Brazilian sorts in the background...

Riding the trampoline during the big seas-so fun to enjoy the seas from this perspective!

One of the few moments when Nora wasn't seasick. 

Stuey riding the trampoline!

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Melo Smith said...

That was so great.When we tried catamaran in the Philippines, it was totally amazing.