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Monday, November 19, 2012

Awash in Snow

This is what it looked like at Abercrombie when a snowstorm landed on Kodiak yesterday evening. 
We got it good here on Kodiak.  Yesterday we already had enough snow for good skiing at the golf course, and then last night we got another 4 to 5 inches or so of new snow at our house.  Looking at the SAT photo (see below) you can see that what we are getting is 'ocean effect' snow.  Little bursts of moisture coming off the Gulf of Alaska and turning to snow when they hit land.  There is a lot of cold air over Alaska right now, and as long as the present system holds we will continue to get little micro burst snow storms interspersed with sun.  WHOOO HOOOOO.  It also means that the north end of town where the moisture hits land will continue to get more snow than out at the airport or bells Flats.

All I know is that life is good.  We got snow and more snow in the forecast.  Patrick

Abercrombie Park this evening while I was walking the dogs.

Walking the dogs and about to enter Abercrombie State Park.

My tracks in a 'cottonwood tunnel' while cross country skiing this afternoon.

An old military road on the Upper Buskin River where I went cross country skiing this afternoon.

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