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Monday, November 26, 2012

More Kids Skiing

Some final pictures of cross country skiing from this Saturday.  Nora was sick and not feeling too well - so we did not go as far as we did on Friday.  But Stuey was looking so happy that I felt we just had to post these pictures.

Sadly enough, today it did rain all day in town.  So no more powder close to home.  But today when I went skiing I noticed that the snow/rain line is not very high up and that we are getting a lot of snow up high.  Below is a picture of my ski pole jammed down into the snow at 800 feet elevation.  My pole is 115 cm long - so I figure the average snow depth at that elevation is about a meter (I tried multiple places).  I also measured where I cross country ski and despite the rain we still have over 2 feet of snow down low.  Now let's pray that it does not rain too long in town.

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