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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A First

Today was a first. 

 I beat Patrick to the first cross country ski tracks of the season!!! woo-hooo!! Patrick was at an Island Trails Network board meeting all day. Before he left at 9:00AM, he was kind enough to set out all the necessary ski gear to go to the golf course. The kids couldn't wait and this afternoon we headed out there. They were great with helping get their gear on/off. So much better than last year. I remember prior years where 20 minutes of preparation sometimes gave us only 5 or 10 minutes skiing with the kids. 

Today, Stuey insisted on skiing ahead of me. We didn't use poles, and when the kids fell over they picked themselves right up. I was shocked and wondered for a minute if they were my children. In just one short skiing year, they seemed to almost be enjoying themselves!

Really looking forward to going back out tomorrow, with Patrick. Our ski guru. 

After going to Ohio for my class, I decided to do a seminar for health care professionals on what I learned about the female pelvic floor.

Yesterday morning, 22 doctors, nurses, PA's and physical therapists joined me for a 45 minute talk on the female pelvic floor. I gave the presentation at my new location and served breakfast, coffee and juice.

The turnout and response couldn't have been better! I ran out of chairs and it was standing room only. People asked some good questions and everyone seemed to be interested to learn about my recent training and how it could help women in Kodiak. It felt great to have my first public event at my new location. It is still under construction, but progress every day! This week the fitness classes will move over there.

Nora and I an hour before the talk... was I nervous? Not too bad. :) More excited than anything.


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