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Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy. Thanksgiving

Stuey's front door sign. 

Group photo!
Yesterday was a relaxing Thanksgiving day, complete with a yummy dinner in the evening with friends. Earlier in the day, the kids went to my sisters place for several hours. I was so thrilled to have an hour nap and realized that I was more tired from my business move than I originally thought!

Mid day I made the stuffing, Patrick prepped the turkey and the kids and I got the house ready. Dinner was a high starch one; mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, wild rice, turkey, scallop ceviche, pecan and pumpkin pie, raindow jello, cookies, cake pops...

The set table: complete with place setting cards that Nora made in art class. 

The mashed spuds made from potatoes from our garden. 

A Stuey pic...hes been going crazy with the camera lately.
Maya enthusiastically posing for Stuey!

Plugging in Christmast lights this morning. Kids are excited for Christmas decorations to go up! 

This afternoon we took the kids out to Swampy Acres and for the first time had an "adventure" ski where we didn't go around in a circle with them (as we do on the golf course). Stuey broke trail for part of the time and we all skiied as a pack. The kids fell some, but are getting up with much greater ease. Patrick and I talked about how they are ready soon to venture to the Buskin River area where he and I ski. It is wild that the time has come for them to go on some of the harder trails with us. We think they're ready to give it a try and believe they will find the adventures of skiing around low lying trees and streams/rivers a very fun adventure.

As we took off from the car this afternoon, I hollered to Patrick, "Hey hon, this is a moment I've been waiting for from the moment I met you!" 

He knows how skiing together is one of my favorite couple past times AND how much I knew I wanted to have his kids. So combine the two...its a treat to ski with OUR kids!
Trekking along Swampy Acres. 


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