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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fresh Snow

This morning we woke up to our first decent snow at sea level.  The kids could not wait to get home from school and go sledding and skiing.  On getting back from school they REALLY wanted to go cross country skiing.  Stuey even told Zoya that he could make tracks on his skiis for everyone to follow.  But there really is not enough snow at the house for cross country skiing so the kids are outside as I write this sledding.  They've already been sledding for a solid hour (with one hot cocoa break).  Heaven.

After work I also went skiing.  I went up into the big kid mountains and went downhill skiing.  The skiing was actually not all that great but the views were spectacular.  On my way to the mountain I noticed that the golf course has 3 inches or so of on snow on it, and tomorrow we plan on taking the kids cross country skiing.  Unfortunately I have to be at a meeting all day tomorrow, but Zoya plans on being the 'we' and taking the kids to go skiing.  I want to go skiing too!

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