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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This morning the movers arrived at 8:30 with two large trucks and 4 guys. It took several hours to move all the equipment and boxes over to the new location. 

Out of the entire two trucks, it was my high-low hydraulic treatment table that I cared the most about. I was worried about it getting scuffed, or broken in any manner. 

Winona was at the old location with the movers as they moved it out of the room and she said she kept reminding them, "remember, this is what matters the most to Zoya". The movers were amazing. Two of them carried it sideways off the van and into my treatment room. The table is a BEAST, so watching them maneuver it like this was most impressive!

Thanks a million times over to Kodiak Transfer for making the move so smooth this morning!! 

This afternoon the kids and I went over to the old location and it is empty. Stark empty. Took me by surprise how empty it felt. Because I was at the new location as boxes were hauled out, I didn't see it progressively empty out. The kids asked lots of questions about who would move in, how much longer would I have the keys? 

The old fitness room will be used for dance classes and I told Nora that maybe she will take dance classes in it at some point. I said "you'll always remember this room as being where mommy's work used to be." Nora replied, "What if I forget?" I answered, "you won't forget. You'll always remember." She is at an age now where I believe she really will remember that my office used to be on the bottom floor of the dance studio. 


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