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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Salonie Ski

Today I went for a cross country ski with Philip and Adelia - it was Philip's birthday ski.  For the occasion we decided to try somewhere other than the Buskin River Valley where we have been skiing all week.  So we headed out past Bell's Flats to Salonie Creek.  This is the same river valley where we had our Community Archaeology this past summer at the Amak Site.  We drove up to the rifle range before we started our ski.

I must admit I was shocked at how little snow there is out there - there was only a 1/2 inch or so of frozen slush at the highway.  Hard to believe there is so little out there when there is almost 2 feet of snow in the Buskin River Valley.  But I guess that's what happens with 'ocean effect' snow.  And it also explains why the airport has seemingly got so little snow compared to how much we have at our house.

But there was more snow as we went inland, and we had a good ski.  It was good to go someplace new.  Also, I got to try out a new feature on my camera - the camera GPS - and it worked GREAT.  Even when the camera was off it tracked our trip.  I only tracked our route on the way home (see below), and then turned it off when we got back to the car.  And then at home I downloaded the gps track from the camera into Google Earth and it made the map down below.  COOL.  I can see this coming in very handy when I do archaeological surveys.  All the pictures have the GPS data attached to them too.


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