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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thoughts on "Food Inc"

About a week ago, Patrick and I watched the movie "Food Inc". It is a documentary on food production in America. At first Patrick didn't want to watch it, but 5 minutes into it, even he was hooked. A main topic of the movie was meat production in the large factories as well as corn and soy production (and how much corn products are in EVERYTHING!). During the meat plant part, where they talk about how there are 12 major meat plants in the US, Patrick looked at me and said, "We've eaten meat from one of those plants". I was really grossed out by this. E.Coli and the lack of FDA regulatory measures about e.coli was especially frightening (and the fact that they bathe meat in ammonia to kill the e.coli)

It makes me want to eat only game, wild gathered or home grown local veggies, whole grains and produce from organic sources. However, its not realistic to eat like this all the time. You would have to become Nazi-like about your food, which then takes the social aspect and pleasure out of food. Eating as well as possible for much of the time is a more reasonable goal.

As the movie said, "you have a chance to vote for how food is produced in America-every time you go to the grocery store checkout line." The whole premise is that the supply will equal demand and if people demand food from more organic, healthy sources, then the supply will meet that. Even something like eggs from safeway-after seeing the window-less pens the hens are kept in-it made me so sad to think that that is where our eggs are coming from. Just a little awareness and thought about where our food is coming from can make a difference.


Picture is from a nettles and char (fish) meal which Patrick gathered and cooked while on an archaeology survey in Karluk lake. No growth hormones or pesticides here!


Sue and Brian said...

Time for you guys to build a chicken coop!

kodiak said...

i recently read and recommend the OMNIVORE"S DILEMMA by Michael Pollan. It is very well written. A really enjoyable and informative read.