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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Visit to Afognak

On Monday I went on a quick floatplane trip to Afognak Island to do some archaeological survey work for the Native Village of Afognak at their Muskomee Lodge. What a place! I finished my work relatively quickly and then got to go on a great hike into the wilds of Afognak. I hiked through old growth forest and across meadows with snow capped mountains all around. Actually there was still about a foot and half of snow down low and this made walking a bit difficult and tiring. I saw 11 swans on a beaver pond that had the biggest beaver lodge I have ever seen (like 15 feet high), lots of deer, elk tracks but no elk. I also saw my first bear tracks of the year.

At night I got to stay at the Muskomee Lodge. Big woodstove putting out the heat, a banya, T-bone steaks and a bed with a view. It is quite the place and way more luxurious that what I am used to when I visit the backcountry.


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