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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


April is when the sunrises out of the sea, crocuses bloom in the snow, and the skiing is at its best. It's also when we lose our night for the summer. By the end of the month it seems like it is light all the time. It's when both the cross country and downhill skiing is at its best, but I also know that by the end of the month the cross country skiing will be done and the snow will be retreating fast up the mountains. It's a month to savor and enjoy. Soon enough it will be summer and life will be hectic. Patrick


Top and bottom - yesterday's sunrise out of the sea in front of our house. Second from top - crocuses blooming in the snow a week or so ago (they eventually got completely buried under a foot of snow). The crocuses have been in a static blooming state since late February when our winter finally arrived and arrested their development. Second from bottom - my ski tracks on top of sun warmed corn snow last Friday.

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Meghan said...

great photos, as always, Patrick. we miss Kodiak during this dry dusty April here in anchorage!