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Friday, April 23, 2010

Skiing the 'Wedge'

Wednesday afternoon Gregg and I skiied what was for us a new run on Pyramid. I call it the wedge because it looks like an upside down triangle between two ravines (see bottom photo - if you look closely you can even see our tracks). It is a VERY steep run and actually gets steeper and steeper as you go down. Because it keeps on getting steeper you can't see the slope below you - it falls away below you. Also, on your right there is a HUGE cornice while on the left there are cliffs.

So it was with a tad bit of trepidition that I started the run. Is there a reason no one does this run? What happens when I get to the point of the wedge? It is not like doing a run at a ski area. At a ski area the runs are groomed and on a map - a known quantity - while on Pyramid Gregg and I made up our own run by examining the face before we climbed the mountain.

Anyway, the snow was GREAT and the run an adrenalin rush. Now that I know it, I think I'll do it again! Patrick

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Stewart said...

Get back up there. I want to see video.