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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Momma's away. ... ..

Zoya's off in Philadelphia at baby boot camp for the week and I've been holding down the fort here on Kodiak. Holding down the fort with lots of help from babysitters! But really the main change is that with no Zoya around there is no one to watch the kids while the other takes the dogs for a walk. So I've been taking both the dogs and kids to beaches and on hikes.

Yesterday we hiked out Spruce Cape and when we got to near the end we just sat in the moss by the top of a cliff and listened to the waves on the beach down below. The kids were worried about the dogs falling down the cliff. Today we went to white sands beach and Nora and Stuey made a sand castle. They really got into it. I threw sticks into the water for the dogs and Stuey joined me. He threw gravel into the water. It was sunny and calm with temps in the mid 40's - perfect. Best of all, I think these outings help the kiddos to sleep. So far they have been in bed every night by 8 PM. But I'm crossing my fingers for the rest of the week (2 more bedtimes to go!). Patrick