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Friday, April 16, 2010

More White Sands

Yesterday afternoon we went to white sands beach with the doggies for more sand castles (Nora) and construction projects (Stu). We are pretty lucky to live in a place like Kodiak with such nice public beaches a mere 10 minute drive from the house. I am a little chagrined that we do not go there more often. I am also amazed that we the public do not take better care of the beach. Why do people build pallet fires on the beach that leave behind piles of nails and what's with all the broken beer bottles? Still it is a beautiful beach and most of the mess is relatively easy to avoid.

Also perhaps it is time to retire the name 'White Sands' beach. I gather it got its name from the volcanic ash that being light generally floats on top of the sand - there used to be a lot more of this white sand. And at a lower tide there are still some pretty large patches of it. The ash is from the 1912 Katmai Volcanic eruption. But it seems that today the beach is mostly a 'Grey Sands' beach made from ground up slate and greywacke. Old timers refer to the creek by the beach as Devil's Creek and the beach as Devil's Beach. I kind of like the old name.

Photo is from yesterday and the Youtube video from the day before. Patrick


Sue and Brian said...

I love the concentration and seriousness they give to their sand castle project! ~Sue

marry said...

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