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Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Luge Run in the backyard

Finally! Some snow in the backyard. So far it has been a pretty dreary winter in Kodiak - all rain, brown, and mud. But lately things have been looking up a bit. It seems we've finally received some snow in the backyard. The kids love it. Zoya (who has been known to cheer the advent of spring) even commented as we took the kids out sledding, 'this is what we've been missing - winter is great if you can take the kids out sledding every day. This is what winter should have been like all winter'.

And do they love to go sledding. In 24 hours we have gone 3 times - and each time for about 40 minutes. At the bottom of each run they pop off of the sled and chug on up the hill for another run. They ride solo, on top of me, as a pair - all sorts of combinations. Sledding is good. Check out the Youtube link at the bottom. A movie is worth a thousand words. Patrick

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Sue and Brian said...

Great Movie! Makes me happy about the snow after all! Can't wait for Fiona to hit the luge run. Next winter she'll surely be up for it. :) Bet they slept great last night. Happy Easter!

Sue, Brian, and Fiona