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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dicky in town & The big Stage

The Big Stage

Today Nora had her first dance practice on the big auditorium stage for her recital (which is in 3 weeks). She has been SO excited about the practice for a whole week now, and every morning when she woke up would ask, "Is today the day of the recital?" Since Patrick will be gone for her actual performance (this breaks my heart-he'll be out on a survey), he took Nora to her first stage performance today and it seems like Nora enjoyed it. From watching the video, I don't see too much stage fright and she looked like she was enjoying the company of her friends. I'm so glad Nora has done the entire year of dance without any prodding/encouragment from Patrick and I. She is in love with it. Her teacher, Molly Brodie, is very fun with the kids and appreciates the personalities of all the kids.

I was in the first performance that was in the Auditorium--when I was in 4th grade. After the auditorium was finished there were auditions for a play "The Enchanted" and I was one of 7 kids cast in the play. The one thing I remember from the play was Pat Szabo coaching me on my lines and helping me project enough. I had to say, "Because I love to be alone at night in the forest" very loudly, all alone on the stage. I was terrified and it felt like Pat spent HOURS with me working on my lines. My character was Lucy. For this reason, I'll always have a special spot in my heart for the Kodiak Auditorium. And it will be so fun to see Nora in her first ever performance on it.

Dicky's Visit
Dicky arrived to town yesterday and it has been fun seeing him and Patrick has been out doing adventures with him. I still can't get over the fact that he is married to my twin sister...Its wild how closely knit out family is. Kinda wild how Dicky will describe something Ella has done or said and my first thought is, "That is something I would say!". Ella and I are so alike in so many ways. And yet we married men who are very different. Dicky and Patrick have similar passions and interests but are so different in their thoughts and views of the world in some ways.

This is the calm before the storm, as Patrick leaves for 3 weeks on May 3rd. I have two doula clients due the second week in May and fortunately a local gal is willing to be my "mommy helper" for the 3 weeks Patrick is gone to help with Nora's evening dance rehearsals and to be on call in case my doula clients go into labor. It will be an action packed time. Patrick is going down to the South end of the island with Sven to do Petroglyph documentation.


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