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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our Erskine Ski Video

Here's another panoramic view from Bruce and I's ski on Sunday. It's a view towards Anton Larsen Bay from the top of our second run. That's Barometer in the distance and Buskin Lake with the City of Kodiak in the far distance on the right. I also just posted a youtube video of our ski, and if you are interested you can find it at:



Akensee4miles said...

The video looks great Patrick. The soundtrack is quite fitting. Thanks again for leading and photo-documenting the "eco-challenge."

Zoya said...

Thanks! And hey, I like your new blog header! I gave a full size version for a DVD player of the video to meaghan. I hope they don't think Erskine Circuit has anything to do with circuit courts. Patrick

Akensee4miles said...

Patrick, Thanks for the DVD. I think I need some time to recover before our next outing. But I am sure the snow will beckon soon. PS - Don't get any big ideas.